Asphalt Maintenance Lino Lakes MN

Asphalt Services Lino Lakes MNNothing says your asphalt is in need of some maintenance like weeds, it’s like they sprout up from the cracks just to tell you it’s about that time…Of course, potholes are also an unfriendly reminder and a faded, dull gray color is just screaming for some help. If you see any of these signs in your Lino Lakes, MN property – it’s time to service your asphalt driveway or parking lot. The asphalt experts at Seal King can help you; we offer everything you need to get your asphalt surface back to it’s beautiful, brand-new condition, maybe even better than that. We offer asphalt crack filler, pothole patching, chemical leak treatments, asphalt overlay and asphalt sealcoating.

Quality Asphalt Services Matter

The quality of our services can be seen by our finished projects. While other sealcoating companies offer under $100 services, it will be a decision you regret because they save money by skipping steps and using low quality sealer. Seal King has a 10 point checklist for all of our sealcoating projects and we have our own, top-of-the-line liquid sealer, which is handled with extra precaution. The protection of your driveway comes down to two basic things: the product used and the application.

Highest Quality Asphalt Sealant

The ingredients contained in an asphalt sealcoating product are crucial to every aspect. Our professional grade sealant is scientifically designed, precisely measured and stored in a climate controlled environment, so that you get the protection you expect from our expert team. Each and every product we use is environmentally friendly and can double the life of your asphalt driveway.

Asphalt Maintenance Products:

Crack Filler – Asphalt cracks can grow at extreme rates. In just a couple of days a little crack you notice can easily triple. In some cases cracks can get large enough to damage the underneath foundation of the asphalt. If you’re staring at a large crack and you’re thinking that that may be the case, don’t worry because our professionals can successfully perform asphalt repairs, even in the most extreme cases.

Pothole Patching – Nothing says a twisted ankle or a face-first fall quite like a pothole and nothing cushions the fall quite like solid asphalt. Am I right?! Not only can it lead to injuries but it can also lead to a lawsuit. It is important to patch the pothole correctly, so that the surface is level, compacted and to prevent reoccurring issues in that same location

Chemical Leak Treatment – Oil, gas and other leaks deteriorate asphalt. If left untreated, they not only look bad but they compromises the integrity of the asphalt. Simply applying sealcoating over the leaks does nothing to correct the deterioration that is happening, it’s important to treat the spills properly. Our professionals always attend to all the damages prior to sealcoating.

Asphalt Overlay – Sometimes there’s just too much deterioration on the surface to fix with crack filler; if the cracks have branched out and left a lot of loose gravel – asphalt overlay is a great option. When too much crack filler is used, in one place, you can risk tires sticking to the driveway surface on an extremely hot day – damaging both your driveway and vehicle. Just like when you were a child and on a very hot day you would poke your fingers and toes in the gooey strips on the street.

Sealcoating – Our final step to add a beautiful black finish, protection and a smooth surface is sealcoating. Prior to filling cracks, patching potholes, treating leaks and overlaying (if needed) we complete the necessary preparations. Which consists of edging the driveway, power sweeping and cleaning. It is vital that the surface be cleaned, by us and without water, prior to the treatments and sealcoating. Our asphalt sealant is of the highest quality and our professionals use only the best, hands-on techniques ensuring every inch is covered.

Seal King’s results are beautiful, flawless driveways or parking lots! Contact your local Seal King Owner and Operator for the Lino Lakes, MN area at 763-377-2220 and ask for Blaine Schmit. We’ve got your driveway covered, like no other.