Should I Sealcoat My Driveway?

Should I Sealcoat My DrivewayOne thing that we often are asked is whether it is worth it to have a driveway sealcoated. Our answer is always yes. Professional sealcoating has many important benefits. First, it can protect your driveway from the aging process, preventing cracks, holes and discoloration. In addition, it can improve the overall curb appeal of the outside of your home, which can help you if you are considering selling it, or if you are just looking to welcome your guests. Seal King can provide professional, affordable and high quality sealcoating services for your driveway, sidewalks or parking lot in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa.

Benefits Of Professional Sealcoating

Sealcoating is a relatively inexpensive investment in your driveway that gives it protection from the harsh Minnesota elements. Sun, wind, rain and snow can damage your driveway over time, causing small cracks, potholes and discoloration. In addition, sealcoating can protect your driveway from oil and gas spills and keep it looking fresh and clean, even years after a sealcoating job. We use a high quality sealer that is the best on the market. We blend our exclusive Seal King Sealer using the highest quality raw products, high performance additives, and special blackening agents. Our custom sealer is carefully blended together, with the latest hot mixing equipment and pumps, to create a perfect mixture each time.

One important thing to remember about sealcoating is that it is extremely important that the process be completed correctly for it to do its job. Seal King understands this process, our team has extensive experience, and we follow the same process for each and every job. This attention to detail and pride in our work means that you will be fully satisfied with the final product or we will make it right. Our customers are the cornerstone of our business and we are committed to making sure that you are happy with our work. This is our promise to you.

Residential Sealcoating Services In MN, WI And IA

Residential sealcoating is essential in the upper Midwest, where we are constantly battling the weather. This small investment now will pay off down the road and keep your driveway, sidewalks and/or parking lot safe and looking its best. Cracks and potholes can do damage to your vehicle and can be a tripping hazard to pedestrians as well. There are many convenient Seal King locations in the area, call us today and we can schedule a time for us to give you an estimate for the cost of sealcoating your driveway.