What Is The Correct Ashalt Sealcoating Process?

What Is The Correct Ashalt Sealcoating ProcessSeal King works hard to stand out from the competition. One thing that we take pride in is never cutting corners when it comes to the quality of work we provide. We are guided by a very careful and consistent sealcoating process so that we can ensure that we never miss a step and will provide you with the best work possible. Our process consists of 10 important steps including:

1. Preparing the area that we will seal: Prepping the area that we plan to sealcoat is one of the most important parts of the sealcoating process. We use a power edger and make sure to remove any grass that might get in the way of the sealcoating process.
2. Cleaning the edging: Next, we use an industrial strength blower to ensure that there is no debris left on the asphalt that is being prepared to be coated. This allows the coating to attach to the asphalt without any tiny pieces of dirt or debris.
3. Power sweeping and blowing: The next step in our sealcoating process is power sweeping and cleaning the asphalt so that the sealer will adhere correctly. Some companies skip this step, and the quality of the sealcoating service is severely compromised.
4. Treatment of oil spots: We want your asphalt to look its best once we apply the coating, so we spend time beforehand treating all oil spots. In many cases these can be removed entirely, and the sealer will protect your asphalt from future oil spots!
5. 400-degree rubber crack filling: Filling the cracks makes them waterproof and protects the base layer of asphalt from normal wear and tear.
6. 400-degree joint filling: The product we use to fill joints, holes and cracks in your asphalt does not contain water so will not shrink. Other companies use lower quality products.
7. Detailed edging: We spend extra time detailing all of the edges of your asphalt so that the area is perfectly smooth, and it dries evenly.
8. Applying the Seal King professional sealer: We use the highest quality sealer in the business so that it will last for many years.
9. Brush application: We use a specialty brush to make sure that our final product leaves your asphalt looking smooth and professional.
10. Block off driveway: Finally, we block off your driveway so that it has time to thoroughly dry and settle before foot and auto traffic begins again.

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