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Garage Apron Repair

Why does my driveway sink in front of my garage?

Reason #1
Showing Cracked and Settled Asphalt Driveway ApronWhen your house was constructed, it was necessary to install footings 48″ below the surface. The original ground was disrupted, and prior to installing your driveway, new gravel was added to the trench where the footings were located. Over time the gravel can settle causing the driveway to lower and separate.

Reason #2
Water penetrating the seam between the garage apron and driveway due to lack of, or improper, sealing. Erosion of the base material creates a cavity under the apron, allowing the asphalt to settle.

What can be done to fix my sunken apron by the garage?

Seal King has developed a process to fix settled aprons:

  1. Measure: 2-3 feet from the garage and snap a straight chalk line.
  2. Precision Cutting: Diamond blade asphalt saws cut along pre-measured line.
  3. Remove Old Asphalt: Carefully remove damaged and sunken area next to garage.
  4. Fill Foundation Holes: Any holes discovered are filled and compacted with new gravel.
  5. New Base Gravel: New Class V base gravel is added to remaining cut-out section and compacted.
  6. New Asphalt: Hot asphalt mix applied to cut-out section and leveled to original height of garage slab.
  7. Compaction: Plate compactors and asphalt rollers are used to compact new asphalt, creating a manicured and professional finish.
  8. Cleaning: Entire area is thoroughly cleaned of debris.
  9. Banner: Area is bannered off for 24-36 hours.
  10. Garage Apron Repair Process Gallery

    Click on the thumbnails below to open a slideshow of our Asphalt Driveway Apron Repair process in action.

    Even though it might seem like one of the most low maintenance parts of your home, your driveway can require a lot of repair work if it’s not properly maintained. Especially if your home has an asphalt driveway, you’ll need to be sure that you treat your driveway with the care it needs to weather the storms of Minnesota – and the vehicles. Asphalt makes for a beautiful, clean-cut black driveway that can create an element of contrast next to any home, but it needs to be maintained. This includes asphalt driveway aprons, which see the most wear and tear out of your entire driveway. If your home needs asphalt driveway apron repairs or is in need of apron sealing, Seal King Professional Sealcoating has just what you need to repair and protect your driveway apron.

    What is a Driveway Apron?

    A driveway can have two aprons – one at the driveway’s entry point, beginning at the curb or roadside, and one that connects the driveway to your garage. Driveway aprons at the end of the a driveway are usually decorative in nature, but an apron that meets a garage is meant to ensure the stability of your driveway and your garage’s foundation. When your driveway and garage floor are aligned, it’s easy for you to travel in and out of your garage. However, driveways can sink slightly over time. They have the potential to fall inches lower than their original height, leaving a gap of space that can cause serious structural damage to your driveway and garage floor. That’s where driveway aprons play a huge role in saving your driveway. When your driveway sinks, an apron will help prevent cracks and damage to your driveway and garage floor.

    Asphalt Apron Repair Service

    Like most things, asphalt needs to be maintained from time to time to avoid major repairs. If it has been quite some time since you had your driveway re-sealed, it has become too worn down to hold steady or has begun to sink, then it might be in need of repairs. Your driveway apron in particular could need repairs, as it can be the most-used part of the driveway if you park in your garage. Especially if you have a sinking driveway, you’ll need to make apron repairs that will keep your driveway and garage properly aligned. When the two are misaligned, you’re leaving both your garage and driveway wide open for damage. When there are any cracks in your driveway, water begins to pool and seep into the soil and foundation of your driveway, breaking down your asphalt’s foundation. This is especially common in driveway aprons, which are prone to cracking. When your driveway begins to sink and your asphalt apron needs repairs, Seal King can seal asphalt cracks before they become major structural issues and use asphalt patching to replace sections of damaged asphalt. As with any foundation, there will always be a risk of cracks forming when your driveway sinks. However, with simple asphalt apron repairs, as long as you maintain your asphalt apron and driveway with frequent asphalt sealing, you can help your driveway last years longer than it could on its own.

    Asphalt Apron Sealing for a Stronger Driveway

    If your driveway is made of asphalt, along with your driveway apron, you should be conscious of the fact that they should be maintained, especially with the rough Minnesota and Wisconsin storms and winter weather that they will be subjected to. Fortunately, by simply hiring an asphalt sealing company like Seal King, you can ensure that your driveway and asphalt driveway apron stay in good shape no matter the season. To avoid a cracking and broken driveway or apron, have your driveway sealed, and have a little extra peace of mind this winter.

    SealKing Professional Sealcoating

    If your driveway apron has begun to sink, creating cracks between the garage and driveway, don’t wait to give your driveway apron the attention it needs. If you’re in need of asphalt apron repairs or asphalt sealing to reinforce your asphalt apron, Seal King Professional Sealcoating has exactly what you need. Use our search function above to find your local Seal King representative today, and see how we can make your asphalt driveway apron, garage floor, and entire driveway stay stronger and last longer.