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Seal King’s Process As Seen On WCCO-TV

WCCO LogoWe were featured on a local television pogram called Today’s Home Remodeler. They spoke with our founder, Ben Nelson about the Seal Coating business and what our process is like.

Take a look at the videos below as Ben takes us through the entire Seal King Seal Coating Process.

Segment 1 – Sealcoating Process Overview

In the video below we go over the sealcoating process briefly, and discuss the importance of keeping your driveway protected with a professional seal coating from Seal King.

Segment 2 – Properly Prepping & Cleaning the Driveway

In the video below we talk about how important it is that your driveway is cleaned thoroughly, paying extra special attention to the edges – the most prominent places of wear and tear.

Segment 3 – The Sealcoating Material & Process

In the final video shown below we see how the Seal King 10 Point Service finishes with how 400 degree rubber crack filler and the final application of the new professional Seal King Sealer.