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Commercial Parking Lot Sealcoating – Birchwood

Commercial Sealcoating of a Business Parking Lot Birchwood, MNIs your Birchwood parking lot only a few years old and it’s already starting to display signs of wear and tear? Are there distortions in the texture and color, or even a few discernible cracks? If these changes are occurring to your commercial parking lot, then it’s most likely time for a seal coat application from the proven experts at Seal King Professional Sealcoating. Weather, sunlight, and the daily grind of people driving over your parking lot will consistently make it crack and crumble; oil and other chemicals can also be very distressing to parking lots, making them turn more brittle and prone to cracking. Sealcoating, when done well, will have your parking lot looking brand new and sleek again, while also protecting it from devastating U.V. rays, rain, snow, ice, and chemicals. Seal King performs top-notch work at affordable prices, enabling your parking lot to be here for a long time to greet your customers.

Birchwood, Fix Your Parking Lot Instead of Replacing It

A solitary crack in a parking lot isn’t exactly something to panic about, but it is an indication of what’s going to happen. And if there’s already a myriad of them, your customers could be parking their cars across the street or, even worse, patronizing someplace else entirely. Sealcoating will patch those cracks and holes, giving you pretty much a brand new parking lot. And, until rain, snow and chemicals stop running over parking lots, they will keep crumbling and fracturing. And, undoubtedly, when a parking lot prematurely breaks apart, the sooner it will have to be replaced, which is a much more costly job than just fixing it when an issue is first noticed. A seal coat application from Seal King will safeguard your parking lot from the harsh elements of Minnesota and keep it around for many years to come.

Why Go With Seal King?

Why should you trust Seal King to handle the job instead of going with a less expensive door-to-door team? Well, companies like that normally go door-to-door because they are seeking work, instead of having people call them directly for their services. And the main reasons they are able to charge less is that they usually use second-rate products and inexperienced help.

High Performance Parking Lot Seal Coating Products

Our Birchwood customers deserve the only the very best quality products, so that’s what we always give them. Our liquid sealers are made from high-grade polymer additives and silica sand so that your commercial parking lot can survive through anything that Mother Nature throws its way. All the products we use are kept in a climate-controlled warehouse to ensure that they are in their best condition whenever we do a job. And although Mother Nature has the tendency to be a little wild towards us, at Seal King, we only use materials that are gentle on Mother Nature.

Our process is very easy to follow and our guys never miss a beat, always giving you with the best quality results for your Birchwood commercial parking lot. Every sealcoat job receives the famous Seal King professionalism that people want.
Our 8 Step Commercial Seal Coating Process as follows:

  1. Power Cleaning and Sweeping
  2. Additional Cleaning
  3. Crack Preparation
  4. Hot Rubber Filler
  1. Treat Oil Spots
  2. Two Coats Sealer
  3. Sealer Application
  4. Line Striping

Click the photos below to view larger photos of our Commercial Sealcoating process.

The Professionals at Seal King, Birchwood

With well over 15 years of experience behind us, Seal King has established itself as a leader in the commercial parking lot seal coating industry. Our professional work crews are fully licensed and insured, and instructed to provide the best service and workmanship anywhere to be found in the Upper Midwest. We are a local company and each of our franchises, including our Birchwood service provider, is independently owned. Contact us today to hear about our very competitive costs. If you are not totally thrilled with the final product, call us before the season wraps up and we will come out and fix the problem free of charge!

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