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Commercial Parking Lot Sealcoating – Lakeville

Commercial Sealcoating of a Business Parking Lot Lakeville, MNIs your Lakeville parking lot pretty new and it’s already showing signs of wear and tear? Maybe there are changes to its color and texture, it’s started to fade, or there is already a crack or two. If so, then it is probably time for a seal coat application from the seasoned experts at Seal King Professional Sealcoating. Weather, sunlight, and regular usage with people driving in and out of your parking lot every day can cause your parking lot to break down over time. Oil and other chemicals can also make parking lots more brittle and prone to cracking. When applied properly, a layer of seal coat will have your parking lot smooth and looking new and protect it from damaging U.V. rays, rain, snow, ice, and chemicals. Seal King provides top-notch work at reasonable prices and will ensure that your parking lot is protected from the harshest elements.

Fix Your Parking Lot Instead of Replacing It

A crack in a parking lot isn’t a major concern in the grand scheme of things, but enough of them could have customers parking their cars across the street. Fading and changes to texture aren’t aesthetically pleasing, but there are some people could live with them. However, seal coating is much more than just a pleasing paint job. The more rain and snow and chemicals that run over a parking lot, the more they break it down. And the sooner a parking lot breaks down, the sooner it needs to be replaced. Just like a coat of paint to the exterior of a house, a seal coat will protect your parking lot and have it lasting longer.

Why Go With Seal King?

Why should you hire Seal King to do the job instead of hiring a cheap door-to-door crew? Crews such as those usually go door-to-door because they are looking for work, instead of having people seek them out for their expertise. And one reason they are cheaper is because they cut corners by using inferior products and inexperienced help.

High Performance Parking Lot Seal Coating Products

We only use the highest quality products available in today’s market. Our liquid sealers are produced from high quality polymer additives and silica sand so that your commercial parking lot can withstand all the extremes that Mother Nature throws at it. Our products are stored in a climate-controlled warehouse to guarantee their highest quality for every assignment we take. And even though Mother Nature can be brutal on us, at Seal King, we only use products that are safe for Mother Nature.

Our process is easy to follow so our guys never miss a step and can provide you with the highest quality results for your Lakeville commercial parking lot. Every seal coating project receives the high quality Seal King service and professionalism that people have come to expect.
Our 8 Step Commercial Seal Coating Process as follows:

  1. Power Cleaning and Sweeping
  2. Additional Cleaning
  3. Crack Preparation
  4. Hot Rubber Filler
  1. Treat Oil Spots
  2. Two Coats Sealer
  3. Sealer Application
  4. Line Striping

Click the photos below to view larger photos of our Commercial Sealcoating process.

The Professionals at Seal King

Seal King is a pioneer in commercial parking lot seal coating and has more than 15 years of experience in the industry. Our work crews are licensed, fully insured, and instructed to provide the most professional service and highest workmanship available on the market. We are a local company and each of our franchises, including our Lakeville location, is independently owned. Call today to hear about our competitive prices. If you are not completely satisfied with the final product, call us before the end of the season and we will come out and fix the problem free of charge!

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