#1 Professional Sealcoating Service In Your Area

#1 Professional Sealcoating Service In Your AreaYou may be noticing many ads this time of year about professional sealcoating services. It is a very popular time of year to protect your asphalt, before the winter months set in. You may have noticed cracks or holes in your asphalt that are causing your property to look less than its best. Professional sealcoating can repair those cracks and protect it from the moisture from the snow, ice and rain that will no doubt come this summer. When you decide to work with a professional sealcoating company, you should consider the following:

Quality: Different sealcoating companies in the area use different types of materials to complete the sealcoating process. Do not be fooled – there are differences in the quality of materials used. Seal King uses our special hot mix sealer, which is a custom blended sealer that is made of the highest quality products. This means a better sealcoating job when you partner with us.

Price: Some of our competitors boast a $99 price for sealcoating services, but unfortunately, many of these companies cut corners and will leave your asphalt unprotected and the area messy. Seal King may be slightly more for our services, but the quality is far superior.

Service: Hiring a company to complete a service for you can be stressful, especially when you do not have any direct recommendations. Seal King makes a promise to each of our customers to provide the best possible customer service in the business, no matter what. We have many locations all over the Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin area and we are all committed to that promise.

Experience: Seal King opened our doors as a small, local business more than thirty-two years ago. In that time, we have slowly grown and built up our reputation for providing the highest quality product, affordable pricing and excellent customer service.

Warranty: We also stand behind our work. If you have concerns about a sealcoating job we have completed, simply give us a call back and we will come out and make it right.

High Quality Professional Sealcoating Services

It is this unique combination of factors that has made our business successful, allowing us to continue to grow even during difficult times. Other companies come and go and may offer you something that sounds too good to be true. We are always up front and honest in our interactions and do exactly what we say we will do for you. So, stop by one of our convenient locations this fall to learn more about why we are known as the #1 professional sealcoating company in the area!