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Protect Your Asphalt Surfaces From Winter

Protect Your Asphalt Surfaces From WinterFall is here and we all know what that means – winter is right around the corner! Snow, sleet, cold temperatures. Now is a great time to think about preparations for the winter months. For some of you that may mean having service done on your car so that it is ready for winter, or having someone take a look at your roof or gutters to prevent snow and ice from creating an ice dam and costly damage. Your property’s asphalt is another area that may need attention this fall. If you have noticed small cracks or holes in your asphalt, this will only worsen without attention.

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The Secret To Long-Lasting Asphalt Surfaces

The Secret To Long-Lasting Asphalt SurfacesWhen it comes to safeguarding your driveways, parking lots, and other paved surfaces, a little proactive care can go a long way. Enter Seal King, the trusted name in seal coating with multiple locations across Minnesota. Today, we’re excited to shed light on one of our flagship services that promises to extend the life of your pavement while enhancing its aesthetics – our premier seal coating service.

Imagine a protective shield that guards your pavement against the elements – that’s the magic of seal coating.

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The Importance Of A Sound Garage Apron

Repairing Your Garage Apron For A Welcoming First ImpressionYour home’s entrance is more than just a point of entry – it’s a reflection of your property’s overall aesthetics and value. If your garage apron is showing signs of wear and tear, it’s time to consider the transformative benefits of Seal King’s Garage Apron Repair service. With locations spanning across Minnesota, we’re your trusted partner in enhancing your property’s curb appeal and functionality.

A well-maintained garage apron is essential for ensuring a smooth transition between your driveway and garage.

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Highest Quality Sealcoating Services

Highest Quality Sealcoating ServicesThe Seal King Promise is our way of assuring our customers that we will do the job of sealcoating your driveway and/or parking lot to your satisfaction. This is an essential component of our business model. We want to communicate to our customers who have used our services before and potential customers who are considering having their parking surfaces repaired and sealcoated that we are committed to applying our expertise to every job we do.

Benefits Of Professional Sealcoating

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High Quality Professional Sealant

High Quality Professional SealantIn the most literal sense, Seal King is a hot business. Our unique hot mix sealcoating material is applied to protect the surface of your driveway. Heating the precisely mixed ingredients that create the sealcoating is one of the keys to ensuring that the end result is a driveway that is stronger and more durable than ever.

Professional Sealcoating Services

Our customers have many different reasons for deciding it is time to have their driveway sealcoated. For some, it is due to years, possibly decades, of wear and tear that has caused their driveways to crumble under the constant barrage of weather that is so characteristic of this part of the country. Those driveways become safety hazards after a while, so the homeowners work with us to get their

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Repair Your Driveway This Spring

Repair Your Driveway This SpringIt is once again the season we all look forward to: Spring. In the upper Midwest, it may take some extra time for real spring to arrive, but there is no doubt that we are coming out of the ravages of winter and into the time when it is once again possible to be outside and make improvements to our homes. Even with a relatively mild winter, this part of the country still experiences extremes of temperature and weather. So even if your driveway has not

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Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Improve Your Home’s Curb AppealThe holidays are here, and it is time to put up those lights, decorate your home and welcome friends and family over the next few months. No matter how much or how little you celebrate, it is a time when you want your home to look its best. Your driveway is part of that important first impression, when guests pull up to your home and take a look at your home, you want them to drive in on a smoothly paved driveway. The winter months can take a real toll on your asphalt and leave it brittle, discolored, and even cracked. Seal King can protect your asphalt driveway (and any other paved walkways on your property) with a high-quality sealant that is the best in the industry. Our professional sealcoating services will keep your driveway looking its best for many years to come.

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Professional Sealcoating Company With High Quality Sealant

Professional Sealcoating Company With High Quality SealantMaking an investment in the exterior of your home or property is important to keeping it looking its best and preventing problems from occurring. You may need to invest in a new roof, siding, improvements for your deck, repairs to your windows, or doors periodically. One of the things that you likely look for when making these investments in your home is the quality of the materials used. After all, when you live in the Upper Midwest, the exterior of your home

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Residential And Commercial Sealcoating Services Western WI

Residential And Commercial Sealcoating Services Western WISeal King protects and beautifies your most expensive investments. For most people, their most expensive investment is their home. If you own a home and also own and/or run a business in western Wisconsin, you may have two major investments. If your business is the brick-and-mortar type, that relies on customer traffic, a parking lot is almost always necessary to facilitate a successful business day.

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Asphalt Overlay vs Sealcoating

Asphalt Overlay vs. SealcoatingThere are several options when the time comes to repair your asphalt driveway or parking lot. Depending on the condition of the asphalt and the underlying structures (cracks, potholes, etc.), you may not simply be able to sealcoat the surface. In many instances, if deeper cracks have formed, it may be best to consider asphalt repair or replacement, as the cracks allow water to seep into the structure underneath, possibly freeze/expand, and cause larger issues

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