Asphalt Driveways Need Crack Filling Before Seal Coating

Driveway Crack FillingSeal King understands that your driveway is both a financial and aesthetic investment. But like any investment that exists outdoors, your driveway is susceptible to the ravages of weather and time. If you discover cracks in your driveway and want information on the repair process, consider contacting Seal King for assistance. Other companies may cut corners when it comes to driveway repair, but Seal King does not. We always fill cracks in driveways before we seal them. In fact, filling the cracks is one of the first steps we take when sealcoating your driveway.

The Sealcoating Process

Before filling the cracks in your driveway, we do a thorough inspection of the general area to identify all of the cracks, stains and sections that may be damaged. We look for trouble spots or patches that need obvious work. If your driveway has oil or grease stains, we can also reduce or remove them by applying hot, soapy water with a strong brush. Tougher stains can be removed with a degreaser.

Driveway Crack Filling

Your driveway will then be ready to have its cracks filled. Almost all driveways have at least a few cracks, so please understand that we are not afraid of even the most beaten up driveway. Seal King works hard to maintain our reputation as an excellent source for driveway sealing, and we will tell you honestly that no reputable sealcoating company will seal your driveway without first filling the cracks they find. In fact, all cracks need to be repaired before sealcoating, not just the large and obvious ones. Sealing an unfilled crack simply means that the crack will continue to grow underneath the applied sealant. So Seal King does the job right for each and every job.

Highest Quality Crack Filler Available

We use crack fillers that are industry-tested and professionally respected. Most smaller cracks in driveways can be repaired using pourable liquid fillers that harden over a short period of time. Larger cracks usually require use of an asphalt repair caulk or a roll-filler. Some cracks may require more than one application to ensure that it is flush with the driveway surface.

Highest Quality Seal coating Services

Once we have filled all of the cracks in your driveway, we will then prepare it for our sealcoating process. We will get rid of the heaviest debris with a push broom and then use a pressure washer to make sure all loose dirt and smaller particles are gone. Only then will we begin the sealcoating process because, until then, your driveway is not ready to be properly sealed. But proper sealing is our business and we want you to know that we understand the importance of your driveway when it comes to the overall investment you have made in your home.

So, if you have noticed that your driveway is starting to look old, cracked or damaged, contact Seal King and we will repair it quickly to the highest possible standard.