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Protect Asphalt From The Minnesota Elements

Protect Asphalt From The Minnesota ElementsIt has been a hot summer across the state, followed by many evening storms. You may assume that the winter months in Minnesota are harder on things like the exterior of your home or your asphalt driveway, but in fact the sun and heavy rain can be equally damaging over time. Now is a great time to think about professional sealcoating your asphalt so that it has a layer of protection from the harsh Minnesota elements all year round.

Your asphalt driveway, parking lot or sidewalk takes a beating every hour of every day.

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Residential Driveway Sealcoating Services

Residential Driveway Sealcoating ServicesYour home is your haven, and maintaining its curb appeal is essential. One crucial aspect that often gets overlooked is your driveway. Over time, exposure to the elements and regular wear and tear can cause cracks and fading. However, with residential sealcoating services from Seal King in Minnesota, you can revitalize your driveway and protect it from further damage.

Protective shield for longevity: Sealcoating is the process of applying a protective layer to your driveway’s surface, primarily composed

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Seal King’s Guide To Maintaining Parking Lots

Seal King's Guide To Maintaining Parking LotsAs a business or property owner, you know the importance of creating a positive first impression for your customers or tenants. A well-maintained parking lot not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also ensures the safety and longevity of your space. In this blog post, we will explore the key aspects of parking lot maintenance and how Seal King can help you achieve exceptional results.

Regular cleaning and sweeping: Regular cleaning and sweeping are crucial to maintaining a clean and attractive parking lot.

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Adding Value To Your Home By Paving The Driveway

Adding Value To Your Home By Paving The DrivewayMaintaining the appearance of your home requires significant work. There are various steps you can take to keep its appearance at its best, from mowing the grass and updating landscaping, to permanent solutions such as driveway paving. Planning to pave your driveway can be a great investment, adding significant value and curb appeal to any house on the block. Paving your driveway can increase the value of your home while making daily life simpler. We will also explore why installing one may help make life more convenient for you and your family.

Paving your driveway can increase the value of your home

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Highest Quality Sealcoating Services

Highest Quality Sealcoating ServicesThe Seal King Promise is our way of assuring our customers that we will do the job of sealcoating your driveway and/or parking lot to your satisfaction. This is an essential component of our business model. We want to communicate to our customers who have used our services before and potential customers who are considering having their parking surfaces repaired and sealcoated that we are committed to applying our expertise to every job we do.

Benefits Of Professional Sealcoating

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Protect Your Asphalt Surfaces From Cracks And Holes

Protect Your Asphalt Surfaces From Cracks And HolesEven after a mild winter in the upper Midwest, driving and parking surfaces take a beating. What might have been tiny cracks in October have been under constant assault by wind, rain, snow, and ice, are now larger cracks and holes. Edges that were showing signs of fraying are now crumbling. Damage done to parking surfaces is not to be taken lightly. The deterioration of a parking surface can quickly become a safety hazard, which takes them from an eyesore to a true problem. Seal King has earned the reputation for being the leading driveway and parking sealcoating company by performing

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Springtime Sealcoating Services

Springtime Sealcoating ServicesNow is the time of year when our thoughts turn from winter property maintenance to springtime improvements – like planting flowers or painting your driveway! After a harsh winter, you can help restore your property back to its former glory by applying driveway sealcoating.

Sealcoating involves applying a thin layer of sealing liquid over an asphalt surface to protect it against weather damage caused by rain, snow, sunlight, and vehicle fluids. While it won’t repair existing cracks in your driveway

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How Weather Plays A Role In Sealcoating

How Weather Plays A Role In SealcoatingIt would be ideal if sealcoating a driveway or parking lot could be done regardless of the weather, but such is not the case. While the weather doesn’t have to be perfect, there are certain conditions that must be met for the sealcoating process to be as successful as possible.

Temperatures: For sealcoat applications to be effective, the outside air temperature should be at least 50oF or more for a period of at least 24-hours. This is to ensure that the ground temperatures are high enough to allow the

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Hot Mix Sealer For Professional Sealcoating

Hot Mix Sealer For Professional SealcoatingSeal King has been serving Minnesota and the surrounding states for more than 31 years. In that time, we have worked hard to set ourselves apart from our competitors and provide high quality service, affordable pricing and attention to detail. One huge reason that we have been so successful is because of the unique hot mix sealer that we use for our residential and commercial professional sealcoating jobs. We custom blend our sealer using the highest quality raw products, high performance additives, and blackening agents. We mix these ingredients together with our state-of-the-art tools including mixing equipment and pumps, to produce the perfect mix every time. One of the main differences about our process is that we heat the water that we add to the concentrated sealer to 110-130 degrees, which allows for a much better blend. No other company has a product like ours!

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Asphalt Repair Services Before Winter

Asphalt Repair Services Before WinterNow is the perfect time to have the asphalt around your property repaired. In addition to our well known residential and commercial sealcoating services, Seal King can also complete asphalt repair services for your parking lot, driveway or garage apron. When your asphalt begins to deteriorate, you will notice discoloration, small cracks (that will grow) and even potholes. This damage is caused by moisture and dirt getting underneath the asphalt over time

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