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Help Sealing My Asphalt Driveway

Seal Coating Contractor MNThanks to YouTube and other streaming websites, a lot of home improvement projects that you used to think were difficult can actually be done on your own. However, when it comes to sealing your asphalt driveway, it is still a much better decision to leave the project to the professionals. If you are in the Minneapolis area, there is no team around that offers more sealing experience than our staff at Seal King

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Driveway Coating Contractor

MinnesotaIf you have an asphalt driveway that is cracked, discolored, in state of disrepair, or is just not looking as nice as you would like it to, you should contact Seal King for assistance. If you do some comparison shopping you will quickly find that Seal King offers competitive prices and a commitment to good service that other sealcoating and asphalt repair contractors simply cannot match. You may not think of your driveway first when you describe your house to someone else, but when it is in need of repair, you know how much of an eye-sore it can be.

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Duluth Sealcoating Contractor

Duluth Sealcoating ContractorAt Seal King Professional Sealcoating, we aren’t going to lie. It’s been brought to our attention that kids just don’t care for us. Sure, we can make their driveway nice and smooth for their bike riding and basketball hooping, but at the end of the day, they hate that they can’t ride down that old, bumpy road anymore. That’s right. As a Duluth sealcoating contractor at Seal King Professional Sealcoating, we turn your bumpy road in Duluth, MN

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Sealcoating Contractor in Rochester, MN

Sealcoating Contractor in RochesterLooking for a quality sealcoating contractor in Rochester, MN? At Seal King Professional Sealcoating, we offer both residential and commercial sealcoating as well as asphalt repairs. If you are searching for a company that is dedicated to keeping your asphalt looking its best, you have found a home at Seal King Professional Sealcoating. In some instances, an asphalt repair is necessary for both your residential and commercial property.

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What Purpose Does Sealcoating Serve?

Seal Coating CompanyPeople often think of sealcoating as providing an asphalt black appearance, or that it’s a quick solution to fixing damaged pavement. Sealcoating can’t fix any structural damage that pavement may have, though its application can help good pavement remain smooth and sound. Sealcoating gives asphalt that nice black color, appearing to be new asphalt, and can help your business or home

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Best Company for Driveway Sealcoating

Best Company for Driveway SealcoatingTaking care of your driveway shouldn’t be a project that you ignore. Afterall, you and your visitors come into contact first with your driveway before any other part of your property. So, don’t let the first impression of your property be a bad one because of your old, worn down driveway asphalt. If you are in the Minneapolis, MN area, the best company for driveway sealcoating is our team at Seal King Professional Sealcoating. Why, you may ask? Well, let us share the many reasons why so many individuals in Minneapolis choose us to help enhance the look of their driveway.

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Quality Driveway Sealant

Quality Driveway SealantWith almost every product on the market today, there’s generally something always trying to mimic a good quality product with one of less value. Take diamonds, for instance. Diamonds are known for their strength, durability and sparkle. However, many people are solely interested in the look of the diamond and the way it sparkles. So instead of purchasing the strong, durable diamond, they choose a much cheaper, much less durable rock called the cubic zirconia. Sure, it may look like a diamond at first, but it is clearly not the same. It’s much less durable, not as strong and the value simply will not hold. At Seal King Professional Sealcoating, our driveway sealant is a diamond. It is built to be long lasting, strong and hold up well. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for our cubic zirconia-like competitors. For quality sealcoating, our sealant outshines the rest.

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Midwest Commercial Sealcoating Process

Midwest Commercial Sealcoating ProcessSealcoating the asphalt around your business is a relatively small investment that will yield significant results. Sealcoating will protect your asphalt surfaces from the elements, prevent cracks (which inevitably lead to potholes) and discoloration. Professional sealcoating services will extend the life of your business’ parking lots, sidewalks and other asphalt surfaces saving you money in the long run and making your business more inviting to clients and other guests. Seal King offers commercial sealcoating services to businesses all over the upper Midwest, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and beyond.

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Why Choose Seal King for Professional Sealcoating?

Why Choose Seal King for Professional Sealcoating?When you are looking to hire a company to complete a service at your home or business, you want to be sure that the company can complete the job well, on an agreed upon timeline, that there are no hidden fees and that they will leave the area where they work clean and tidy. Unfortunately, many companies out there simply do not pay attention to this level of detail. They rush through their jobs and cut corners. Not the team at Seal King. We are a professional sealcoating company that takes pride in our work, our relationship with our clients and providing high quality sealcoating services at a competitive price.

If you have decided that you want to protect your asphalt surfaces from weathering and traffic, sealcoating is a highly effective tool to keep asphalt smooth, looking its best and free from cracks, discoloration and holes.

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Sealcoating to Enhance the Durability of your Pavement

The Science of Sealcoating to Enhance the Durability of your PavementAt Seal King, we take pride in offering top-notch sealcoating services to protect and enhance the lifespan of your pavement. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the science behind sealcoating and its critical role in preserving the structural integrity and appearance of your paved surfaces.

Understanding the Basics of Sealcoating

Sealcoating is the process of applying a protective layer of sealant to the surface of asphalt pavement. It serves as a barrier that shields the pavement from the damaging effects of various environmental factors, including UV rays, water, chemicals, and heavy traffic. Sealcoating helps prevent the breakdown of the binder, which holds the asphalt aggregate together, ensuring the longevity of your pavement.

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