Driveway Coating Contractor

MinnesotaIf you have an asphalt driveway that is cracked, discolored, in state of disrepair, or is just not looking as nice as you would like it to, you should contact Seal King for assistance. If you do some comparison shopping you will quickly find that Seal King offers competitive prices and a commitment to good service that other sealcoating and asphalt repair contractors simply cannot match. You may not think of your driveway first when you describe your house to someone else, but when it is in need of repair, you know how much of an eye-sore it can be. Cracks and holes only get larger over time, especially when exposed to the Minnesota weather. Now is a great time to have your driveway repaired and then professionally sealcoated so that it will be protected for years to come.

Asphalt Repair and Sealcoating Services, Hudson

An unsightly driveway in need of a good sealcoating can grab your attention and make a negative first impression for guests visiting your home. But aesthetics are not the only cause for contacting Seal King. When your driveway begins to crack and flake apart, you can also have a safety issue on your hands. If you have a perfectly flat driveway with cracks, you now have the possibility of injury to family and friends who turn their ankles on those cracks, or worse. Asphalt repair and sealcoating services can quickly restore your driveway to a safe condition and keep it that way for many years.

Our experienced team follows the same steps for each and every driveway we seal. This is one way we ensure that all customers receive the highest level of Seal King service. The steps of our process are as follows:

● Power Edging
● Power Edge Cleaning
● Power Sweeping & Blowing
● Oil Spot Treatment
● 400° Rubber Crack Filling
● 400° Joint Filling
● Driveway Edging Brush
● Professional Seal King Sealer
● Brush Application
● Barricade Driveway

The Seal King Promise

And, in addition to our high quality work, we also make the Seal King Promise to each of our customers. Not every company goes so far as to guarantee their commitment to doing your job the right way. You may be familiar with the stories of contractors who agree to do a job for you, but who take your down payment without returning for weeks or months at a time. The Seal King Promise guarantees that you will be treated with professionalism and courtesy, and most importantly that we will show up at the agreed time to do the job you have paid us to do.

You value your home. It’s that simple. We understand this and work hard to help you feel confident in the asphalt repair and sealcoating services we provide. If you live in or near Hudson, WI, contact our Seal King team today. Now is a great time to repair and protect your driveway from the cold, winter months that are just around the corner.