5 Reasons To Sealcoat A Parking Lot

5 Reasons To Sealcoat A Parking LotEstablishing a long-term approach to a property’s pavement maintenance plan will not only build strong visual appeal, but it will also ultimately help extend the life of the parking lot. A proactive approach to maintenance helps property and facility managers reduce potential costs and liabilities. Sealcoating is one of the most important elements of a property’s maintenance plan with benefits that attract patrons and reduce costs.

Attract Prospective Customers

Freshly sealed pavement has the deep black appearance of a brand-new asphalt surface, and visitors and passer-byers take notice. A well-maintained parking lot makes a good first impression and can enhance the image of your property. Parking lot sealcoating is a simple and affordable way to attract new business and keep your asphalt pavement in good condition.

Reduce Exposure To Oxygen And UV Rays

Asphalt pavement consists of rock and asphalt binding agents, which become brittle under oxidized conditions, causing premature deterioration and cracks. Sealcoating offers protection from oxygen and ultraviolet radiation by filling surface voids and preventing penetration.

Increase Resistance To Fuel And Oil Spills

Just as sealcoating helps prevent UV exposure, it serves as a barrier for the penetration of fuels and oils. The coal tars utilized in the sealcoating process are resistant to fuel and oil spills. Fuels and oils remaining on parking lot surfaces are hazardous, even in small amounts, and can result in a costly injury to a patron or staff member.

Increase Pavement Flexibility And Reduce Cracks

The effects of continuous vehicle traffic and inclement weather cause asphalt to expand and contract, causing cracks to form. These cracks allow chemicals and water to penetrate the surface, progressing deterioration. Sealcoating your asphalt parking lot increases its flexibility and helps prevent weather damage to extend the life of your pavement under even heavy traffic conditions.

Extend The Life Of Underlying Asphalt

Depending on the amount of traffic your parking lot receives, you’ll want to consider a pavement maintenance program that includes the re-application of a life-extending sealcoat treatment every two to five years. Sealcoating is one of the most cost-effective methods of protecting the underlying parking lot asphalt.

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