Asphalt Pothole Repair Minnesota

Asphalt in WinterBy this time now you’re probably sick of all the swerving and potholes you’re experiencing in your daily travel routine. Winter in Minnesota is a harsh time, not only for the people of Minnesota but also for the asphalt of Minnesota. The snow has been with us for months, which means salt is everywhere and coating everything…the chemicals we use to help ensure our personal safety while on the road or walking on asphalt doesn’t just cause potential harm to your vehicle, it also deteriorates roadways (in case you haven’t already noticed). Which is one of the main reasons you’ll have to pay a little (or a lot) more attention on the road, if black ice doesn’t sneak up on you, chances are a pothole will.

Harsh Minnesota Winters

Minnesota needs holes in the road like we need a hole in the head and yet we have plenty of them. From negative degrees to extreme windshield factors, weeks without the sun and the inches of snow that will just continue to accumulate…daydreaming of a far off island with white sand and a salty ocean breeze might be the only thing keeping us sane when dealing with the salt-filled, dirt infused, slippery ice rink we call our roadways. But before you put your home up for rent and steak out a warm winter destination spot, be sure to schedule any needed asphalt maintenance services come spring time.

Asphalt Specialists

You may not have too much power over the fact that the highway ramp you use daily has an overabundance of potholes, which because of their size could quite possibly be actual meteor craters and have nothing to do with the winter snow and ice management attempts (cue scientists!). But when it comes to potholes and cracks in your residential driveway or commercial parking lot you have the power – come spring that is. And Seal King would be happy to see that your asphalt is in fantastic condition to keep up your curb appeal and property safety.

Minnesota Sealcoating and Asphalt Repair Experts

To ensure your potholes disappear and stay gone for seasons to come contact Seal King for spring time asphalt repair and sealcoating services in Minnesota.