Five Tips For Maintaining Your Parking Lot

Five Tips For Maintaining Your Parking LotIf you own or run a business, you know how important it is to keep your property presentable. A business that pays attention to the bushes, shrubs, and grass outside of it has a better chance of establishing lasting relationships with customers. Another area to make sure to pay attention to is your parking lot. Your parking lot greets your employees and customers, and having potholes, cracks, or discoloration can give the wrong impression of your business. Seal King offers these tips for keeping up with your asphalt parking lot. Below are five tips for maintaining your parking lot.

Cleaning Up Any Spills: Likely the most common liquid spill on an asphalt parking lot is oil that drips from the cars and trucks that park in it. To avoid permanent staining or, worse, damage to the surface itself, it is important to dilute, absorb, or completely remove the offending liquid. You can take care of some spills by using household items, such as powdered laundry detergent, cat litter, or even soda pop. If the spills are too extensive for home remedies, Seal King can help you.

Keep Weeds Removed: If you find tufts of grass and weeds growing up through your asphalt parking lot, it is important to remove that growth from the roots. If it is not removed at the root, it will likely grow back. And the more it grows back, the more likely it is to develop cracks in the surface of your parking lot.

Keep Cracks Filled: Cracks develop for reasons beyond growth from underneath the parking lot surface. Whatever the cause of the cracks—undergrowth, age, heavy traffic, etc.—they never self-repair. Cracks only get worse over time. While it is possible for business owners to clean spills and remove most growth, it is more difficult to thoroughly and effectively repair cracks that develop in your parking lot. Most cracks require professional attention, and Seal King is an excellent choice for asphalt crack repair.

Repair And Fill Potholes: If your parking lot has one or more potholes, it is important to repair them soon so that they do not grow deeper or larger from the traffic in your parking lot. If the potholes in your lot cause damage to visitors’ cars or pose a safety risk, you could have a difficult time keeping their business. Seal King can help you maintain those business relationships with our pothole repair.

Sealcoat Your Parking Lot Annually: Once your parking lot has been thoroughly and professionally repaired, Seal King can finish the job by sealcoating. Sealcoating creates a spill-resist surface, one that does not allow growth to come up, and makes your parking lot resistant to cracks and potholes.

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If you would like to improve the overall look and function of your parking lot, call the team at Seal King today!