High Quality Professional Sealant

High Quality Professional SealantIn the most literal sense, Seal King is a hot business. Our unique hot mix sealcoating material is applied to protect the surface of your driveway. Heating the precisely mixed ingredients that create the sealcoating is one of the keys to ensuring that the end result is a driveway that is stronger and more durable than ever.

Professional Sealcoating Services

Our customers have many different reasons for deciding it is time to have their driveway sealcoated. For some, it is due to years, possibly decades, of wear and tear that has caused their driveways to crumble under the constant barrage of weather that is so characteristic of this part of the country. Those driveways become safety hazards after a while, so the homeowners work with us to get their driveways back in service. Other customers whose driveways are in less severe stages of decay ask us to provide our services to prepare the home for sale, knowing that the driveway is often the feature of the property that makes a first impression. The driveway is often the feature that is first visible to prospective buyers, and a freshly sealcoated driveway helps to point the way to the beautiful house you are trying to sell.

All of those are great reasons for sealcoating your driveway, and we are happy to provide our service for whatever reason is at the root of your decision. Once we are contracted to perform our services, we approach the work as we do every single time: with attention to detail and the delivery of excellent service, and that is where we circle back to the heating of our sealcoating material.

The Seal King Hot Mix Sealer Difference

Heating the sealcoating material makes the substance more malleable and ensures that the ingredients are mixed thoroughly. We separate ourselves from most, if not all, of our competitors in this category. A more malleable sealcoating material is able to get deep into the cracks and fissures that develop in asphalt surfaces, and the way we mix the ingredients ensures that the material, when fully cured, will be stronger and more durable than our competitors’ end product.

The hard work we have put into developing the rigorous sealcoating process has allowed us to earn the reputation for being the best choice in the area for asphalt sealcoating. We repair asphalt surfaces to last, and we want the same for our reputation as the best sealcoating company you can find. Speaking of finding us, we have locations all over Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa so you will not have any trouble finding a Seal King near you!