Industry Leader In Professional Sealcoating Services

Industry Leader In Professional Sealcoating ServicesMany businesses, trying to gain an advantage over their competitors, will make claims about their products or services matching or being better than the industry leader’s products or services. Seal King is one of those industry leaders that is often used as a comparison point for competitors who simply cannot match our quality, but who keep trying to persuade customers that they can. So, what is it that makes Seal King different–and by ‘different,’ we mean better–than our competitors?

Highest Quality Sealant

First, we start with better raw materials. The mixture of concentrated sealer, water, coal slag, blackening agents, and other additives is fairly standard across the asphalt sealant industry. But Seal King sets itself apart from competitors in a number of ways. Whereas other asphalt sealant companies mix their concentrated sealer with tepid water only, Seal King uses heated water, which encourages the concentrated sealer to bind more thoroughly with the mixture of coal slag, blackening agents, and polymer additives. The material that seals your asphalt surface is better because of the additional steps Seal King takes.

Seal King also purchases the highest quality raw materials, which means that when they are mixed together, the sealant is more efficient and better able to cure with great strength and durability. The results are obvious throughout the sealing process, too. Seal King’s sealcoating goes on dark and black and smooth, and when it cures, you have an asphalt parking surface that will stand up to the most severe weather imaginable for years to come.

Asphalt Repair As Part Of The Sealcoating Process

It would be difficult, if not impossible, to match Seal King’s preparation too. Seal King’s technicians prepare the asphalt surface by filling cracks and pits, and shaping broken, jagged edges with sharp lines that match the original outline of your driveway. It is only after the driveway surface has undergone our extensive and painstaking preparation process that we begin to apply our industry best sealcoat mixture.

One area of homeowners’ driveways that can be overlooked is the apron, which is the strip of concrete that connects the entrance of the garage to the driveway. The apron is capable of sustaining damage too, but not every sealcoat company is able to fix the apron. Seal King, however, is. The apron is important to the structural integrity of the garage’s foundation, so if you have found damage to the apron, we would be happy to take a look at it.

If you have any questions about Seal King’s sealcoating process, or if you are ready to schedule service, contact your nearest franchise!