Parking Lot Re-Surfacing and Striping

Parking Lot Re-Surfacing and StripingWith proper care and maintenance an asphalt parking lot can last for up to 30 years. The key is to make sure that you have cracks filled in and a high quality seal coat applied on a regular basis. Seal King is a leader in providing commercial sealcoating services including parking lot resurfacing, asphalt repair, sealcoat application and line striping. Our technicians are highly trained in techniques that can add years to the lifespan of pavement. Parking lot maintenance is much more cost effective than having to reconstruct or replace the asphalt pavement.

What is Asphalt Resurfacing?

If anyone tells you that your parking lot needs to be repaired, reconstructed or resurfaced, do you know the difference between these methods?

Repairing a damaged parking lot does not have to be expensive. Often times the blacktop pavement can be professionally repaired using the Seal King Professional Sealcoating process. Cracks are prepared before adding a hot rubber filler to seal up the cracks. Oil spots are treated before application of the seal coat materials.

Asphalt resurfacing, also known as overlay or pavement overlay can be done as a way to add a layer of asphalt over top of the base or subgrade layer. Re-surfacing may be a good option for pavement that has extensive surface damage or regular asphalt maintenance has been ignored.

Reconstruction is done when the damages go beyond the surface layer all the way down into the parking lot subgrade. In this case, the pavement may need to be completely replaced. Investing in regular sealcoating and repairing cracks is generally much more cost effective than allowing the pavement to deteriorate to the point of needing to be replaced.

When Should You Resurface Parking Lot?

The upper Midwest is well known for having harsh weather conditions. The freeze/thaw cycle can wreak havoc on asphalt pavement. When the surface becomes heavily oxidized or has extensive cracking, you may want to have it evaluated by a professional to see if its time to have asphalt overlay applied. Less severe surface damages may be repaired by Seal King professionals as part of our commercial asphalt sealcoating and repair services.

Asphalt Parking Lot Striping

Line striping is the icing on the cake after professionally sealcoating an asphalt parking lot. Adding a fresh coat of pristine white paint to the jet black surface adds instant curb appeal and value. Properly marking the parking areas, loading zones, crosswalks and handicap areas increases safety. Seal King often provides asphalt parking lot striping services as part of our commercial sealcoating service.

Commercial Asphalt Services

Seal King provides cost effective commercial asphalt sealcoating services that can extend the lifespan of the parking lot pavement. Our technicians are trained to evaluate the condition of the existing pavement to determine the best options for our clients. Whether your parking lot needs sealcoating, repairs, resurfacing or exact striping, Seal King professionals are just one call away.