Pothole Parking Lot Repair Company

Pothole Parking Lot Repair CompanyPotholes are a part of the everyday commute on countless highways, roads and streets all around the upper midwest. Weather conditions, traffic and chemicals all contribute to the wear and tear on asphalt parking lots just like they do on the roadways. Taking charge of the situation as soon as possible provides the best and most cost effective results since potholes are hard to prevent and difficult to repair if you don’t have the proper equipment, materials and training to do the job right. Distressed pavement can deteriorate to the point of causing potholes large enough to result in personal injury or vehicle damage. Professionals at the Seal King Company provide excellent results for parking lot repairs to fix potholes before something major happens. In order to prevent pothole from forming you first need to understand where they come from.

Anatomy of a Pothole

  1. What are potholes? – They are divots, holes, cavities or depressions that form with the asphalt has erosion.
  2. Where do potholes come from? – Water is the biggest factor in causing potholes in the pavement. A single crack in the asphalt can allow water to run down into and under the asphalt. When the trapped water freezes in cold temperatures it will expand outward and upward.
  3. Why do potholes seem to multiply? – Soft spots in the asphalt can crack and degrade from the weight of traffic, which in turn causes potholes to appear. Debris from the broken pavement can get down into the cracks making them larger. The jarring effect of tires bouncing over one compromized area of the pavement can create more soft spots to form resulting in more potholes.
  4. How can a pothole be fixed? – Seal King technicians can inspect your parking lot to determine the best course of action to repair the damage and prevent potholes from happening again. The damaged asphalt may be removed and replaced with a high quality patching material. The repaired asphalt is then compacted for a nice, smooth surface.
  5. What is the purpose of crack sealing? – Hairline cracks in asphalt can turn into large cracks if not sealed in properly. The purpose of sealing up surface cracks with a high quality sealant is to prevent water intrusion and to keep dirt, sand, chemicals and debris from doing more harm.

Pothole Repair Season

Pothole season is here. Filling in potholes is a big job that often keeps road workers busy all year round. Spring months are typically the worst time of the year for pothole formation but the freeze and thaw cycle during fall and early winter can also leave craters in asphalt pavement. Fall is a good time for Seal King technicians to get in there and repair faulty asphalt pavement while the cracks are opened up to a medium width. This allows the crack sealant materials to fill in the cracks to the proper depth.

Asphalt Parking Lot Repair Professionals

The Seal King company provides professional sealcoating services and excellent asphalt maintenance and repairs. Now is a good time to have a trained expert to evaluate the integrity of the asphalt in the driveway and parking lot to look for signs of deterioration. Potholes can sneak up on you and cause a lot of damage to vehicles and snowplow blades. They are also a big safety hazard for anyone who steps into a pothole.

Contact your nearest Seal King company for an estimate on parking lot repairs to eliminate potholes.

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