Preventing Wear And Tear On Your Driveway

Preventing Wear And Tear On Your DrivewayWhen we have lived in our home for a long period of time, it is easy not to see the gradual wear and tear that is caused by Minnesota weather or just time. For example, foot and vehicle traffic go across your driveway multiple times a day, every day of the year, slowly wearing down the asphalt surface. This, combined with normal weathering from the rain, snow, ice, sunlight and wind can change the color and texture of your asphalt and leave it cracked and brittle. You may not even be able to remember what your driveway looked like years ago when you moved in, but if it’s been more than 5-10 years, we can virtually guarantee that it is time to take a closer look. It’s difficult to even notice a change that is so gradual, but once you take notice, you may realize it is time to consider necessary repairs.

Asphalt Repair And Sealcoating Services

Seal King understands that many homeowners do not tend to pay attention to the small changes that happen to asphalt over time. Many calls that we receive about asphalt repair and protection are because a homeowner has noticed a large crack or hole in their driveway and wants to get that area repaired. When we come to a home, we look at the entire driveway, garage apron and any other surrounding asphalt surface and can give you a quote for repairing the surface and adding an extra layer of protection to prevent future damage. In addition to asphalt repair, we highly recommend our professional sealcoating services, which will prevent gradual wear and tear, discoloration and changes in texture in the future.

Benefits Of Professional Sealcoating Services

There are so many things to think about when you own a home – your roof, your siding, interior paint, cleaning, gardening and other maintenance projects. When you partner with Seal King, you no longer have to be concerned with cracks, holes or discoloration of your driveway. We will complete the asphalt repair and seal the entire area so that you can be confident that your driveway will look its best for many years to come. We use a professional grade sealant that is proven to prevent moisture from getting underneath the asphalt and causing those cracks and holes that can grow over time. We have Seal King locations all over the Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin area, you will find a location near you that provides high quality asphalt repair, professional sealcoating services as well as excellent customer service and affordable pricing!