Preventing Winter Season Parking Lot Mishaps

Preventing Winter Season Parking Lot MishapsAs a business or property owner/manager, you always want to make sure that your premises are safe for your employees and your customers. Are you proactively taking steps in reducing parking lot accidents during winter? If the answer is “I’m planning to,” then this is for you.

It always pays to take a proactive approach when it comes to eliminating or even reducing parking lot accidents during winter. You have two choices when it comes to asphalt repair: you either hire a contractor to do the job or do it yourself. Hiring a contractor is a hassle-free way of repairing your pavement asset and reducing parking lot accidents during winter.

Refresh Your Parking Lot Lines And Signage

Faded or non-existent parking lot signs can make it hard for your customers to navigate the premises and can be the cause of accidents. It then becomes imperative to refresh your parking lot lines with a fresh coat of paint regularly, as well as paint handicap and other parking lot signs. Keep in mind that you need to paint parking lot lines and signs in spring or summer to take advantage of the warm weather and give the paint plenty of time to dry.

Apply Deicer And Clear The Parking Areas Of Snow

To prevent mishaps in your property, we recommend that you apply some high-quality, asphalt-friendly liquid ice Melter to the pavement. Typically, property owners sprinkle sand to prevent cars from slipping, and/or rock salt to melt ice quickly and prevent it from reforming. Both sand and rock salt are effective and affordable options for commercial property owners.

Develop A Maintenance Plan For Your Parking Lot

The ideal asphalt maintenance schedule is a 3-year alternating cycle that includes resealing, crack sealing, and asphalt repairs in sequence. The cycle starts with your original sealcoat, which establishes the first year of maintenance. The next year, schedule crack repairs if you have developed any cracks. The year after that, take care of asphalt repairs.

Enhance Parking Lot Safety By Working With Professional Contractors

If you have a parking lot in Minnesota that is damaged, don’t put these repairs off any longer. Instead, let our experienced and dedicated parking lot repair experts at Seal King Professional Sealcoating handle your repair needs. To find a Seal King location in Minnesota nearest you, visit today!