Professional Asphalt Maintenance East Bethel MN

Hand ApplicationSeal King provides the highest quality asphalt repairs, overlay and sealcoating services for both residential and commercial asphalt surfaces in the East Bethel, MN area. Regardless if you have an asphalt parking lot, driveway, trails or any other asphalt areas, our dedication is the same and our product is unmatched. From hot crack filler to line striping a parking lot, every product we use is designed to last, even in our extreme Minnesota weather.

High Performance Products

Every aspect of what Seal King uses is top quality, from our tools to our products. Your driveways protection is directly affected by the quality of the sealant, crack filler, pothole patching and also the techniques and tools used to apply the products. There is a dramatic difference with quality, you’ll be able to see it in the color, how well it protects the asphalt and how long the application lasts.

Repair Products

Our premium hot rubber crack filler successfully protects asphalt against any water seepage. Water will extend cracks by eroding the asphalt, bringing sand and rocks to the surface and when temperatures start to freeze, then melt water, the growth develops even more rapidly. It is important that an effective product be applied, especially because Minnesota sees a lot of weather extremes, from month-to-month and even day-to-day.

Sealcoating Product

Our liquid asphalt sealer is a precise mixture of the highest quality raw sealer, silica sand and high performance additives. The additives help guarantee the best weather endurance. We also use climate controlled storage to ensure no weather related damages occur when the product is being stored.

Application Products

Hand application will provide the best results, no question. But that doesn’t mean we finger paint the asphalt surfaces. We use tools and it’s important that the right tool are used, at the right times and that they’re quality and specifically designed for optimal performance. Seal King doesn’t skimp on the equipment we use, we require our tools to be durable enough, to meet our daily demands as well as our dedication to a perfect final result.

If you’re in the East Bethel, MN area and looking for a great way to boost your curb appeal and keep your asphalt surfaces safe, contact Seal King for the best results! Call Blaine Schmit today at 763-377-2220, he is the local franchise owner for the East Bethel, MN area.