Protecting Your Driveway Surface

Protect Your Driveway SurfaceYour driveway is under constant stress from the elements, and in Minnesota, the elements tend to add something extra to the mix. What that means is that driveways take a beating. It is one thing to withstand the weight and friction of vehicles that weigh multiple thousands of pounds, but Minnesota’s weather adds insult to injury with its massive annual temperature ranges and the intensity created by rain, snow, and ice. We have come a long way from the days when homeowners considered it an upgrade to go from dirt parking areas to gravel parking areas, and there is no perfect parking surface, given the efficiency of the forces that work so hard to undermine them. Seal King has come closest to providing perfect protection from those elements, so that your driveway does not revert to a dry, crumbly mess.

What Causes Driveways To Crack?

Water is often called the universal solvent. If a solid object is exposed to water for a long enough period of time, the water will always win. That is true of driveway surfaces too. A gentle rain will penetrate the microscopic holes in a driveway surface and gradually weaken the bonds that keep it flat and smooth. It is because of this process that older driveways develop cracks, pits, and deeper holes. Not only are these things unsightly, but they can also become safety hazards. Seal King’s process for repairing and sealcoating damaged driveway surfaces restores the driveway’s strength and durability far more efficiently than our competitors’ processes.

Professional Sealcoating Services For Your Driveway

The first matter of importance is to assess the degree of damage to your driveway surface. Our team will prepare your driveway for the sealcoating process by first filling all visible cracks with our very own sealant. If there are crumbling edges and/or larger holes or fissures, our team will clean and edge those areas to optimize the bond when the sealcoating is applied. It is only after all more problematic areas are addressed that we begin the sealcoating process. The materials that we use are a cut above the materials used by most sealcoating companies. Fortunately, the use of the best materials does not necessarily translate to higher prices because another advantage offered by Seal King’s decades of experience is efficiency. Our knowledge allows us to work at a quick pace without sacrificing quality, all of which keeps our pricing competitive.

If it is time to undo the damage done to your driveway by the elements, contact your nearest Seal King location.