Seal King Sealer

Seal King SealerAt Seal King Professional Sealcoating, we have many customers that have had unsuccessful sealcoating jobs from other companies. When comparing competitor coatings side by side, the difference in quality is clear. At Seal King Professional Sealcoating, we do a lot of things differently to give our customers the absolute best sealcoating job possible. Due to our dedication to deliver a great product, our sealcoating jobs are lasting much longer and looking much better than any of our competitors. Not only is this saving our customers money in the long run, it’s saving their asphalt from cracks and damages that may otherwise occur. If you are looking for a quality sealcoating company that provides the best products, Seal King Professional Sealcoating is the right place for you.

Highest Quality Sealant

It’s no surprise that our experts are known for housing the best sealcoating sealant. We customize our sealant to create the perfect blend of hot mix sealer. Utilizing the best raw products, high performance additives, and special blackening agents to keep your asphalt looking fresh, our sealant is mixed perfectly every single time. To do this, we utilize hot mixing equipment and proper pumps so that it reaches the perfect temperature down to the degree. As we are mixing, we utilize temperature to add in what is needed to create a perfect blend. This ensures us that we are giving our customers the best product out on the market today. However, that’s not where we end. We are considered a pioneer in the sealcoating industry and we continue to search for new techniques and applications so that our customers are certain they are getting the best sealant possible.

Sealant Storage

We should also add that every drop of sealant we make is cared for meticulously. Liquid meters calculate the exact amount of each ingredient and our products are all stored in a climate-controlled warehouse, keeping it safe and fresh until it is ready to use and ensuring no weather-related product failures for our customers.

Sealer Application

While our sealant is amazing, no amount of product will do any good if it’s not properly applied. Our professionals aim to get the job done right every single time. Our quality checklist covers all aspects of sealcoating so that every single job we do is done with the highest quality applications and results available.

For more information about Seal King and our quality sealer, give your local Seal King expert a call today. Visit us and find your Seal King professional online today at

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