Sunken Apron Repair In Minneapolis

Sunken Apron Repair In MinneapolisEven though it might seem like one of the lowest maintenance parts of your home, your driveway can require a lot of repair work if it’s not properly maintained. Treat your driveway with care, so it can weather the storms of Minnesota. This includes asphalt driveway aprons, which see the most wear and tear out of your entire driveway. If your Minneapolis home needs asphalt driveway apron repairs or needs apron sealing, Seal King Professional Sealcoating has just what you need to repair and protect your driveway apron.

A driveway typically has two aprons – one at the driveway’s entry point, beginning at the curb or roadside, and one that connects the driveway to your garage. Driveway aprons at the end of a driveway are usually decorative in nature, but an apron that meets a garage is meant to ensure the stability of your driveway and your garage’s foundation. When your driveway and garage floor are aligned, it’s easy for you to travel in and out of your garage. However, driveways can sink slightly over time. When your driveway sinks, an apron will help prevent cracks and damage to your driveway and garage floor.

What Causes Aprons To Fail?

Aprons typically sink when a gap forms where water and other elements can penetrate. This can be caused by poor construction, poorly settled gravel, harsh weather conditions, or natural wear and tear. A tiny gap can allow water to penetrate and once it does, over time, salt and water can degrade your driveway and your garage foundation while slowly creating sinkholes and empty cavities.

What Can Be Done To Fix A Sinking Apron?

While each project may have unique problems that require unique approaches, Seal King has developed a process to fix settled aprons that includes proper measurement, precision cutting, base gravel and asphalt placement, base compaction, and proper cleaning.

How Long Does Apron Repair Take?

Most projects are typically completed in one day and can be done while you go on with your day-to-day activities. If you choose to have an asphalt apron, you can drive on it as early as 24 hours after its completion. With concrete aprons, the curing time can vary but can typically be cured in as early as 2-3 days.

Driveway Apron Repair Company

If your driveway apron has begun to sink, don’t wait to give your driveway apron the attention it needs. Seal King Professional Sealcoating has exactly what you need. Use our website search feature to find your local representative today and see how we can make your asphalt driveway and apron stay stronger and last longer!