Warning Signs your Driveway Needs Help

Warning Signs your Driveway Needs HelpOur driveways are usually not aspects of our homes to which we give much thought. They provide the space where we park our vehicles, maybe play some basketball or hockey, and on occasion they serve as the first artistic palettes for kids who develop their creativity with chalk. Over time, however, the surface we tend to take for granted and it can begin to degrade. The weight of automobiles, and the slow but steady wear and tear of rain, snow, heat, and cold takes a toll on our driveways. If not addressed, the signs of degrading move beyond eyesores to actual safety hazards.

Below are some of the signs that your driveway may need the kind of help that Seal King provides.

  • Cracking: If you see small cracks in the surface of your driveway that appear similar to the texture of a basketball or like the skin of an alligator, you should know that those cracks will not get smaller over time. If this kind of appearance is widespread, your driveway may be suffering the effects of age and may simply need a simple coating to seal the small cracks. If there are larger cracks, however, your driveway likely needs at least spot repair to ensure that those cracks do not become structural problems.
  • Drainage: If water does not drain efficiently off your driveway, it will pool on the surface. Gravity determines that that water will work toward its lowest possible point, and if that lowest point is on your driveway, it will eat away at the surface of your driveway, creating cracking, as mentioned above.
  • Fractured edges: If the edges of your driveway were constructed improperly, the weight of automobiles—as well as the effects of time and weather—can cause fracturing at the edges, which can become cracks that make their way into the interior of the driveway.
  • Warped or sinking areas: If the underlying base of your driveway is unstable, and you park even a small car on your driveway, warping and/or sinking may occur. If the base is eroding, warping on the surface will worsen and sinking areas could sink deeper. Not all warping and sinking indicates a major problem, but it should be assessed.
  • Discoloration, fading, and staining: All driveways are dirty. But most driveways can withstand the erosive properties of dirt. If your driveway is exposed to stronger chemicals or car fluids, you are likely to notice discoloration, fading, or staining. These areas indicate that those parts of your driveway are under more concentrated assault. Harsh chemicals will eat away at the properties that hold your driveway together and hasten the development of cracks, pits, and larger potholes.

Professional Sealcoating Services for your Driveway

Seal King can assess, address, and fix whatever problems your driveway has with our professional sealcoating services. With Seal King locations all over Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa, there is a Seal King near you!