Winter Asphalt Tips Minnesota

Asphalt in WinterWe have entered the snowy and cold winter months and there will be no sealcoating services provided in Minnesota for quite some time…like next year. But that doesn’t mean the professional asphalt contractors at Seal King stop thinking about our snow and ice covered asphalt roads, parking lots, pathways and driveways. So, we would like to give you some Asphalt-Friendly Tips to manage winter that can prevent costly asphalt damages.

Asphalt Friendly Snow and Ice Management Tips:

Fall Pickup makes Winter Easier – Raking up leaves, twigs and other debris before they are coated by snow makes it so much easier to shovel and remove snow. Not to mention you don’t have to worry about unforeseen tripping hazards. But, since the first snowfall has already arrived for 2014, it may be a little late to complete; if nothing else, remember this tip for next year.

The Sooner You Shovel The Better – Our first snowfall is still with us and it is doubtful to leave us completely during this season. So, it is the most important one. The best way to prevent ice buildup is to shovel and get all the snow off your asphalt ASAP. If there’s no snow, there’s no ice. Ice is formed when snow melts, then re-freezes; clear off the snow as soon as you can and there will be no ice to potentially slip on. Of course, that is not entirely possible here in Minnesota so we continue….

Snow Removal – When removing snow, the shovel or blade you use will affect your asphalt’s condition. Steel blades scratch asphalt and actually, plastic is a lot less harsh, if it can handle the weight of our accumulation. If you get to the snow before it gets solid and heavier to shovel, plastic will do the trick and be way less damaging than steel.

Salt is Asphalt’s Kryptonite – This goes for other harsh chemicals that eat away at the ice, the ice is not all it’s breaking apart. As far as your asphalt is concerned, salt is horrible; your grass and shrubs are not too fond of it either as it does a number on them too. A better, more asphalt-friendly option would be sand or kitty litter.

Asphalt Professionals in Minnesota

We hope we’ve helped you somewhat in getting through this winter, though it has just begun. Your asphalt driveway will thank you by saving you money when you follow these tips. Stay warm and cozy these next months!

From – Seal King the Professional Sealcoating Experts!

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