Winter Parking Lot Maintenance Tips For Property Managers

Winter Parking Lot Maintenance Tips For Property ManagersAs a property manager entering the colder months in Minnesota, you are likely already planning for every contingency this coming season. Of course, the safety of your staff and clients are key. Aside from the day-to-day parking lot issues, you must be aware of damage that occurs to the asphalt surface due to winter weather. Failure to notice damages during the winter, can lead to costly repairs and downtime during the spring months.

Damage due to water: Ice is an obvious danger during the winter season. There is always the worry of slips, falls, and even vehicular accidents. Asphalt contracts and expands during the changes in temperature, just like many other materials. As the water and snowmelt seep into these cracks, it freezes and expands, causing the cracks to enlarge. During these months, it is important to inspect the surface of your parking lot often, looking for cracks in the surface structure. Any cracks should be filled promptly. In the bigger picture, ensure proper drainage in your lot to prevent pooling of water.

Rock salt application is a no-no!: Rock salt is commonly used to melt large patches of snow and ice. While the salt is extremely effective at melting the snow or ice, the snowmelt then seeps into cracks in the surface and refreezes. This constant change from solid, to liquid, back to solid does more damage to the asphalt than good.

Potholes/erosion: Any potholes or large cracks should be repaired prior to the first snowfall. These are like open wounds on your parking lot and will only allow water into the subsurface, causing you to have larger potholes and possibly a section of the parking lot that cannot be fixed, but must be replaced. Taking the extra steps to ensure any potholes and large, open cracks get repaired during the fall months (ahead of snowfall) will prove to be beneficial to you and your company’s bottom line!

Parking Lot Repair And Sealcoating Experts

To have your parking lot assessed for damages or seal coated properly for the winter months, call the professionals at Seal King. We can assess both the top and bottom layers of your asphalt parking lot and give you a true assessment of whether your lot is ready for the winter months or not. We can also repair damaged asphalt in the process and seal coat the surface to ensure that your asphalt is virtually waterproof for the season! Find a location nearest you and contact us to service your parking lot. Let Seal King help you protect your large-scale investment, your commercial parking lot.