Winter Weather And Your Driveway

Winter Weather And Your DrivewayEven the most durable materials can be affected by the Minnesota freezing winter temperatures. The asphalt in a driveway is no exception to this and is most likely to sustain damage during the long winter months. Considering that the absolute minimum temperature that sealcoating can be applied is 50oF, there are some things you can do to prepare your driveway for the season ahead of time. The professionals at Seal King want to help ensure that your driveway is ready for the Minnesota winter season and maintains its structural integrity as long as possible.

Effects Of Constant Freezing And Thawing On Your Driveway

Most materials are affected in some way by extremes in temperature. Asphalt, like many other materials, expands and contracts with these extremes. This is likely to cause cracking in the structure of the surface. When a crack forms, this allows water to penetrate the sub-surface, further enhancing the expansion and contraction. Small cracks, left unattended to, can turn into potholes as the asphalt material becomes brittle and breaks away.

Water Infiltration And Your Driveway

Many people assume that as long as ice is not present, things are okay. Issues can arise from snowmelt where water seeps down into microcracks on the surface. This water continues to fill the materials in the substrate of the asphalt. Even when the surface is dry, water can remain in the under layers. This water will freeze and expand as temperatures drop. This expansion can cause, at the very least, cracks, and can lead to complete failure of the asphalt materials.

As with anything, there are some things you can do before the winter months wreak havoc on the asphalt. Applying a sealcoating on the surface will help to seal off the surface from any moisture being able to penetrate. It will also help to seal any small cracks. If any large cracks or potholes need to be filled, the fall season is the last time to get those filled.

Winter Protection Of Your Driveway

The asphalt professionals at Seal King are trained to help you prepare for the cold by ensuring that your driveway is in the best condition going into the winter months. If your driveway suffers unforeseen damages because of the cold weather, Seal King has years of experience in performing repairs, as well. To find a Seal King location near you, visit today.