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Winter Parking Lot Maintenance Tips For Property Managers

Winter Parking Lot Maintenance Tips For Property ManagersAs a property manager entering the colder months in Minnesota, you are likely already planning for every contingency this coming season. Of course, the safety of your staff and clients are key. Aside from the day-to-day parking lot issues, you must be aware of damage that occurs to the asphalt surface due to winter weather. Failure to notice damages during the winter, can lead to costly repairs and downtime during the spring months.

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Parking Lot Repair Is A Must

Parking Lot Repair Is A MustIf you own your own business (or manage one), your parking lot is a very important part of your customer’s experience and first impression. If your parking lot is smooth, without damage and potholes, there are no barriers to your customers entering your business and spending money. They will have a positive impression of your business. However, over time, the asphalt in your parking lot can become damaged, cracked, discolored, and potholes can form. Potholes are not only a nuisance but can be a safety hazard. This can ultimately deter your customers from frequenting your business

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Five Tips For Maintaining Your Parking Lot

Five Tips For Maintaining Your Parking LotIf you own or run a business, you know how important it is to keep your property presentable. A business that pays attention to the bushes, shrubs, and grass outside of it has a better chance of establishing lasting relationships with customers. Another area to make sure to pay attention to is your parking lot. Your parking lot greets your employees and customers, and having potholes, cracks, or discoloration can give the wrong impression of your business. Seal King offers these tips for keeping up with your asphalt parking lot. Below are five tips for maintaining your parking lot.

Cleaning Up Any Spills: Likely the most common liquid spill on an asphalt parking lot is oil that drips from the cars and trucks that park in it. To avoid permanent staining or, worse, damage to the surface itself, it is important to dilute, absorb, or completely remove the offending liquid

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5 Reasons To Sealcoat A Parking Lot

5 Reasons To Sealcoat A Parking LotEstablishing a long-term approach to a property’s pavement maintenance plan will not only build strong visual appeal, but it will also ultimately help extend the life of the parking lot. A proactive approach to maintenance helps property and facility managers reduce potential costs and liabilities. Sealcoating is one of the most important elements of a property’s maintenance plan with benefits that attract patrons and reduce costs.

Attract Prospective Customers

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Preventing Winter Season Parking Lot Mishaps

Preventing Winter Season Parking Lot MishapsAs a business or property owner/manager, you always want to make sure that your premises are safe for your employees and your customers. Are you proactively taking steps in reducing parking lot accidents during winter? If the answer is “I’m planning to,” then this is for you.

It always pays to take a proactive approach when it comes to eliminating or even reducing parking lot accidents during winter. You have two choices when it comes to asphalt repair: you either hire a contractor to do the job or do it yourself. Hiring a contractor is a hassle-free way of repairing your pavement asset and reducing parking lot accidents during winter.

Faded or non-existent parking lot signs can make it hard for your customers to navigate the premises and can be the cause of accidents

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Considering Seal Coating Your Parking Lot?

Considering Seal Coating Your Parking LotAn asphalt parking lot is an investment. Even with light use, asphalt oftentimes endures extreme variations in temperatures. Seal coating remains one of the best ways of protecting that investment from damage and deterioration. It is the leading method in extending the life of the underlying asphalt.

Everyone has pulled into that newly paved parking lot, with its rich dark black topcoat. Alternatively, it is noticeable when you are on a parking lot that is deteriorating. It may be a lighter color, contain cracks or even small potholes.

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Extending The Life Of Your Commercial Asphalt

Extending The Life Of Your Commercial AsphaltAs a commercial property owner, you are always looking for ways to ensure that your property maintains its look. When you are able to achieve this affordably, you feel even more accomplished. If your next project is addressing the asphalt on your commercial property in Minnesota, our team at Seal King Professional Sealcoating is here to help. Through our affordable commercial sealcoating services, we’re able to revamp the look of your commercial asphalt while also extending the life of the asphalt as well.

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Create A Good First Impression For Your Business

Good First Impression For Your BusinessGood things are happening in our country. The economy is improving, and businesses are opening up once again. People are slowly, but surely, becoming more optimistic about their economic future, and that means businesses that have been shut down or limited in their capacity can breathe easier. Seal King sealcoating services is proud to be not only one of those businesses, but also a business that offers support to other local businesses that are coming back strong after the pandemic.

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Affordable Parking Lot Facelift in Blaine, MN

Parking Lot After Patching, Sealing, and Striping (commercial parking lot asphalt sealcoating repair)As a business owner, have you been embarrassed by the overall look and state of your parking lot? First impressions go a very long way in the eyes of clients, so it’s understandable that you don’t want their first experience on your property to be a bad one because of your worn down, damaged parking lot. You may be wondering if there’s a way to give your parking lot a nice facelift without having to break the bank. Thanks to our team at Seal King Professional Sealcoating, the answer is yes!

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Minnesota Parking Lot Repairs

Our Hot Mix Sealer Used on Commercial Parking Lot - Finished, after striping.When is the last time you’ve addressed the parking lot damage on your property? The longer you continue to ignore the damage, the worst your parking lot will become. Before you know it, your customers that utilize your parking lot will begin to complain. At Seal King Professional Sealcoating, the last thing that we want to see is for a damaged parking lot to negatively impact your Minnesota business. Our team is here to provide you with affordable parking lot repairs that will get your parking lot back into working order.

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